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Celebrate Super Bowl with a Barkuterie Board

Super Bowl is a time to celebrate football, chow down on yummy food and tune into the Puppy Bowl! This year, score a touchdown with your hound when you treat them to some fan-favorite snacks with a custom barkuterie board!

Now, you might be wondering: what is a barkuterie board? Taken from the popular charcuterie board concept, a barkuterie board is a rustic collection of wholesome snacks for your dog and their friends to chow down on. The human version is known for pairing delicious meats, cheeses, fruits and crackers together. And tailoring this game-time favorite for your dog is easier than you thought with some of Health Extension’s favorite snacks, like Bison Bites, Yak Cheese and Cheek Chews! Read on to see how you can create an awesome puppy platter for your dog and their friends this Super Bowl Sunday!


The Basics

To start, fill your barkuterie board with dog-friendly basics and superfoods. Some of our suggestions are sweet potato wedges, apple slices, melon cubes, cheddar cheese sticks, strawberry slices, and blueberries. You can get creative with your barkuterie board when you use a cookie cutter to make fun shapes, like bones! Or, in celebration of Valentine’s Day, cut your strawberries to look like hearts!

Now to the fun stuff! You can elevate your pup’s barkuterie board by peppering in some of Health Extension’s most-loved treats that look and taste like the real thing! Here are our picks for the perfect Puppy Bowl platter:


The Meat

While there are a lot of “meat” treat options on the market for your dog, none are as coveted as our Bison Bites. These select cuts of 100% real bison are sourced from ranches right here in the USA. This naturally lean, protein-packed treat is great for all dogs, and especially appreciated for dogs with food sensitivities. We freeze-dry our free-range bison to preserve all the yummy flavoring of these crunchy treats. Since our Bison Bites are derived from a single, natural ingredient, you never have to worry about wheat, gluten or grain additives. 


The Cheese

If your dog is a cheese connoisseur, then they’re going to love this pick from our dairy section! Yak Cheese is our 100% natural dog chew. Made with yak and cow's milk, this tasty chew is bursting with delicious cheese flavor. We source our Yak Cheese from the mountains of Nepal, where their livestock is considered sacred. This all-natural chew contains just 4 simple ingredients: yak milk, cows milk, lime juice and salt! We then mold the cheese into a block to provide your dog with hours of enjoyment. These long-lasting, preservative-free dog chews are the perfect addition to your Super Bowl barkuterie board to keep the dogs entertained for hours while you watch the big game! 


The Wings

So technically these aren’t chicken wings, but your pup will LOVE our take on dog-friendly nuggets! Health Extension’s Nutra Nuggets are a flavor-packed crunchy treat - almost too good to believe they’re a healthy, all-natural pet snack! Made from freeze-dried beef lung, our Nutra Nuggets are then coated in tasty flavors like organic apple cider vinegar and ginger to make mouths water. And while your dog will love how these delicious treats taste, you will love what’s not inside. Our Nutra Nuggets are free of GMOs, wheat, gluten, and grain. That’s right; each of our protein-rich nuggets are bursting with all the flavor and none of the guilt!


Get Started

Ready to start building your barkuterie board? Head on over to our treats page and see what other awesome products we have to fill your barkuterie board! Some more suggestions include Peanut Butter & Banana Oven-Baked Bones, Grain-Free Chicken Tenders, Chicken & Cheddar Bully Puffs and Cheddar Cheese Sammy Snacks