Dog Toys

All of our plush toys are all made with Environmentally Friendly Materials!

Snugarooz is an innovative collection of interactive toys for fun-loving dogs. Every single item is designed to epitomize the official mission of the brand: "Snuggle. Cuddle. Play.™" Snugarooz Plush Toys are crafted to squeak and crinkle their way into every furry heart, while Snugarooz Knotted Toys are engineered to endure exuberant tugging and chewing.

Snugarooz Amanda the Panda Sold out
Snugarooz Olivia the Octopus On sale
Baby Momma Llama Sold out
Snugarooz Peggy the Pegasus Sold out
Saul the Shark Sold out
Shelldon the Turtle On sale
Baby Sasha the Sloth Sold out
Snugarooz Benny the Bear Sold out
Snugarooz Rainbow the Unicorn On sale
Sally the Stingray Sold out
Avocato Sold out



Sold out

Snugarooz Magical Unicorn Sold out
Snugarooz Ellie the Gator Sold out
Snugarooz Lilly the Frog Sold out
Sandy the Sea Horse Sold out
Snugarooz Nikki the Narwhal On sale
Snugarooz Sasha the Sloth Sold out
Skel-O-Bot Sold out
Shelly the Sea Horse Sold out
Jack-O-Bot Sold out
Tye the Unicorn Sold out
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